It has been one month.

since I cowardly ran away to a foreign country and decided to let go of all of my responsibilities.

It has been and, truth be told, I have never been happier.

I am finally learning courses that my heart longs for…

the unbreakable kimmy schmidt. couldn’t remember the episode because i was too busy binge-watching

i have been hating myself a little bit more lately.

i thought it was nothing serious because my self-hate episode is a monthly guest in my bedroom. every month, there will be a day or two where i indulge in self-pity and sad feelings. but, for some reason, the one…

I have an interview tomorrow evening. It is for a job that I would never have ever thought to apply to when I first started college. Hell, I would never have applied for this position a few months ago when my sixth semester started. But then suddenly, out of nowhere…

My mom got promoted a month ago. After waiting for Heavens-know how long, she finally got the promotion that she genuinely deserves. It was a very liberating day in our household when she broke the news to us. …

It is now 2.05 AM, 25th of December, 2020.

Instead of sleeping, I’m sprawled on a hotel’s carpeted floor writing this piece. Warning that this piece will make little to no sense as this is just me spewing up my thoughts about Christmas 2020. …

Choose a significant historical event in the last 60 years and explain why, in your opinion, it was important.”

Brianna Ruth Audrey

she wears her heart on her sleeves

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